Three things we know about India

1. We are among the poor countries in the world.

2. We have the worlds second largest population

3. We are a developing country ( Whatever that means, an average Indian is very well aware about that term and is optimistic about the future).

How do we know this ? We know this as this is what we have been reading and hearing ever since we have been aware of it. The first countries who started initiating the process of understanding their surroundings, started defining them as well. Unfortunately nobody took the opportunity to redefine these rules or even change perceptions about the world . This website welcomes everybody to redefine any existing aspect of the world.

If you want to fight the definition or even the mere existence of the first world Vs third world country then this is the place to voice your opinion and let us know what your master plan is to implement that change. The more you travel around the world, the more you realize that “what you think is your world and your fully aware off, is merely a myth that revolves around someone else’s context and definition”.

How is that we are not aware that the population below poverty line in India is 25% Vs the US which 14%, which weighed against the geographic size of these 2 countries(India is 1/3rd the geo size of the US) and has a population of 300 million versus 1 billion in India. Unemployment rate in the US is 9% versus that of 14% in India. What would happen if we added another 700 million people and reduce the geographic size to half in the US ? If anybody is a fan of statistics, get it going and you will be proud to be an Indian.

A friend of mine in the US argues that the poverty in India means more than the poverty in the US, poverty in India means no food clothing and shelter while the poverty in the US means just financially poor, with the basic requirements taken care off. Though in theory I would argue with my friend, however even if I consider a statistical discrimination of that manner, my answer to that would be “The definition of poverty in India is only as shallow as the definition of the rich in the US”.Yes, I do see a high standard of living on an average American compared to any third world country, however I also he him indebted to the bank he has a loan in and how he struggles to repay it.

These tage and definitions that exist in the world are created by those countries that have removed themselves out of context in the world. Have claimed ownership to the knowledge of “The differences in the world”, while the truth is that the right reference to context is not necessarily that of the first world, if we turn the tables around, so will the definitions.

References : http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/hans_rosling_reveals_new_insights_on_poverty.html


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