Third world representation, a new Identity for first world kids

Picking up from my last post on my question to everyone I met discussing Indian poverty,castism and population or anything you can possibly think off caused due to cultural victimization. He was as unaware of the social situation in their own country. if you ever tell an American lets discuss guns being sold at a general store in your country or the the drug abuse rate or the life expectancy in their country, do not expect an answer. But, on the contrary they will know all you need to know in exaggerated forms about any poor third world country and they would digg any more information that you can provide them.

“I have decided to contribute to the world and hence I have decided to move to Africa, India, South East Asia, Korea, North china and so on”. Never so far have I ever heard anyone even mention Columbia, Brazil, Peru,Romania or even Mexico even though they are just their next door neighbor. I have met young American kids with up to date information on Asian countries that needs help, and absolutely clueless about any south American countries that need help.

However I was impressed by the attitude of “we are responsible to change the world and we need to help other countries, who do not have everything we have”, but the question is do we want all that the first word’s bask in ? To be contd


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