Globalization-First world’s taking advantage of the third worlds ?

I was amazed at the number of American kids that I met, who were against globalization. In their definition whenever they read the words Golbalization, Privatization and Westernization it all means the same. Rich first world countries taking advantage of the poor third world countries. What amazed me was the grilled in attitude that it is even possible ! The lack of awareness of private enterprises in the third world countries who can manipulate consumers without the help of any global giant. Ripping consumers started with petty traders in India, ripping people apart in business is very indegineous in my opinion.But I was amazed at young American kids who feel responsible for this and tag the word westernization it.I kept asking myself if they are aware of the impact of outsourcing on their economy.

However I must say that we are in the receiving end of this myth 😉 In the last year I have met atleast 10 of 50 people, who were young and intelligent diverting their life towards noble causes in third worlds. Every time I heard them I felt like asking them their awareness level on drug abuse, Aids and life expectancy in their countries …. to be contd


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